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An encyclopedia of info about the celebration, baptism, confirmation, weddings and company parties with merry songs, funny talking, funny funfair away with "party-spots". Welcome to festABC - 6941 articles and 11,503 clipart

Here you can find ...


• Tracks - to be well sung for reunion and every bird sings with his beak say:   Wedding, Birthday, Christmas, TrayDisplays, Christeningsongs, Confirmation, harvestsongs, hymns, drinkingsongs, Other, Hot, Welcome and thankyou, Danishsongs, songsabroad, Børnesange


• Proposals for good and funny talk - Wedding, Birthday, Confirmation, Naughtyspeak, Funeral, Entertainment, Christeningspeeches, New Year's Speeches


• Invitations, fun invitations, a good start to a great party, see the committee Invitations


• Celebrations drawings, pictures, flags, animals, bright invitations, place cards and songs up, use Clipart


• of games, looking at table games, find an escort - board gentleman and a little football or other sports before dinner or before the dance, try here of games, Criminal, Games, Table GamesPlan, ChildrenGames, Sport - both for weekday and party


• When you should sing in celebration or feast shots together, so exceeds the mood when the song comes in a festive song Hides


• Table Cover is an art - either at a restaurant or as shown in everything for the ladies and other women's magazines - but it looks nice and it is a good start on a good feast see suggestions in laying a table


• Napkins can be neatly folded or in the range - there are many proposals in Napkin Folding


• Proposal for a nice hairstyle divided into categories, Wedding, Party, Confirmation, shortlady, Curlylady, Longlady, Fashion, Men


• What to wear, what dress codes, casual, evening wear, evening dress - here are some suggestions: Clothes, Eveningdresses, confirmationdresses, Maternity, WeddingDresses, Mens and Famous clothing


• Spots and accidents can happen when celebrations - but help is at hand - stain removers


• Depending on the celebrations, festival lexicon, festive Doctor, all abaut party, wedding guide together in one place - Fest info


• Gossip, and pictures of Celebrities and those who try


Festival Organizer checklist, checklist so everything is remembered


• Recipes for banquets, celebrations together shots, Dinner for two, wedding cakes and more to find the best www.madABC.dk


• www.drikkeABC.dk - bartender, secret drinkers, Beer Enthusiasts, wine buffs and those who wish mixing drinks and mixing cocktails meet here.


• drink and drive is not good - be sure until / if you drive, use an alcohol calculates - BAC calculation so you keep driving.


• soon to come: Vote with your opinion, sex in the top 6 last, send a greeting, debate - forum, blog, Orange Market News, postcards, Christmas cards, Latest news on cocktails, suppliers ....


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