Peaches Geldof

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Peaches Geldof

Born: Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa Geldof
16 March 1989 (1989-03-16)

London, England

Residence: Williamsburg, New York, United States

Occupation: Student, Television presenter

Years active: 2005–present

Height: 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 m)

Known for Being a Socialite

Spouse(s): Max Drummey (2008–2009) (divorced)

Parents: Bob Geldof (father), Paula Yates (mother)

Relatives: Pixie Geldof (sister), Hughie Green (grandfather)


Peaches Geldof, the vegetarian, daughter of Sir Geldof is joining the celeb-designer wave.

Is Peaches Geldof turning out even wilder than mum?

Blonde ambition: Peaches Geldof, 18, is set to become a huge star in her own right

With parents like Paula and Bob, Peaches Geldof was never going to be a shrinking violet. But as she prepares to host a TV clone of The Tube, is she turning out even wilder than mum?

With a sullen flick of her new platinum bob, Peaches Geldof has been striding the pavements of the West End bearing the sort of determined look that says she has no time to waste.

For a change, she is rising early at the chaotic shared flat that is now her home, following late nights as the most ubiquitous member of London's trust-funded party set.

The reason for her new vigour is a diary full of appointments at the trendiest production houses of the capital as she ponders her next move.

As is her way, the 18-year-old daughter of Bob Geldof has announced, with the certainty of youth, that the current crop of female television presenters are "beyond lame".

With this in mind, Peaches has informed her new team of agents that she has decided it is time "TV got a good kick up the a***". It is her own rather dainty size five-a-half foot, she has decreed, that should administer the blow.

The feisty Miss Geldof is a young woman in a hurry.

Having put her education on hold, she has now set her sights on a career in front of the camera.

Already her efforts have borne fruit. She is currently filming a pilot documentary for a UK network about her interest in fashion.

More importantly, Peaches has come to the attention of one of the country's most successful producers, who, she is confidently predicting, is about to make her a huge star in her own right.

The man in question, the Mail has learned, is TV kingmaker Tom Gutteridge, who also happens to have played a guiding role in the career of another blonde - Miss Geldof's late mother Paula Yates.

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Peaches' parents: Sir Bob Geldof and wife Paula Yates, who died of a drugs overdose seven years ago


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