Whisky In The Jar

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Irsk folkemelodi - Tekst: Ukendt

As I was agoin'
over Gilgarra mountain,
I spied Colonel Farrell
and his money he was countin'.
First I drew my pistols
and then I drew my rapi'er,
sayin': "Stand and deliver
for I am your bold deceiver."
Musharingum duram da,
whack fol the daddyo,
whack fol the daddyo,
there's whisky in the jar.

I counted out his money
and it made a pretty penny,
I put it in my packet
to take home to darlin' Jenny.
She sighed and swore she loved me
and never would decieve me,
But the devil take the women,
for they always lie so easy.
Musharingum ...

I went into me chamber
all for to take a slumber,
To dream of gold and girls
and of course it was no wonder.
Me Jenny look me charges,
and she filled them up with water,
called on Captain Farrell
to get ready for the slaughter.
Musharingum ...

It was early in the moming
befare I rose for travel,
acame a band of footmen
and likewise Captain Farrell.
I goes to draw my pistol
for she'd stole away my rapier,
I couldn't shoot the water,
but a prisoner I was taken.
Musharingum ...

They put me into jail
with a judge all a writin',
Robbin Captain Farrell
on Gilgarra mountain.
But they didn't take me fists,
and I knocked the jailer down,
and bid a farewell
to this tight-fisted town.
Musharingum ...

I' d like to find me brother,
the one that's in the army.
I don't know where he's stationed
in Cork or in Killamey.
Together we'd go roamin'
o'er the mountains of Kilkenny,
and I swear he'd treat me fairer
than me darlin' sportin' Jenny.
Musharingum ...
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