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Make your mane party-perfect!

If you're looking for ways to glitz up your short cut far a big night out, Bryanna Ross of Erik of Norway salon in Mequon, WI says there are lots of accessories that make the going easy. For starters, try a rhinestone-studded clip. "Make it small and simple-nothing gaudy or cheesy," says Ross. For instance, you could sweep bangs over to one side and add a clip at the temple.


A more dramatic look that will work if your hair has a bit of length in front is the pom­padour. Take hair to fullness, teasing it to add bulk, and lift it up and back, then attach a clip on one side or at mid-crown. "Big hair is in right now, but it's soft­er than it used to be," says Ross. "Soft curls are also hot. To accent a curly look, you don't want to take away from the curls so just use a bobby pin." It's only there to sweep your hair softly back and add elegance, so choose one that matches your haircolor.


Scarves wrapped around the head and tied underneath are another option, as are headbands. "Gold and silver are really in," says Ross, who adds that you can wear more than one to make a bolder statement. Last but not least, vintage jewelry also remains hot for dressing up hair, so check out flea markets, swap meets and your Mom's jewelry box-you never know what you might find!



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